Impala Body Coffee Scrub

As fads and products entire the consumerist foreground with gusto and "omg gotta have's", they tend to dance in the light for some trending seasons and fade quickly into the horizon. But every so often there are products that don't use the crutch of social media influencers to prop up what is essentially a hollow product, one such product is Impala Body Coffee Scrub.

...I get it. You are probably rolling your eyes back into your head with a "dude, coffee scrubs..really?" Yeah, really. Now I could mention the obvious health benefits of using this product..but thats a bore. Instead we are going to talk about ethics, trust and the culture that is oozing from this team's products/business.

The opening lines of their published story are the cornerstone of my point... "We're passionate about one thing here. That is to provide quality products made using only a few natural ingredients while supporting the workers that supply them."


Imapala really are not kidding when they mean "We're passionate about one thing..." , one look at their "Products" page and you get the idea. These guys are not in the game to make a killing. They are not looking for world dominate of the coffee scrub game. They just give a shit about quality skin care and the forgotten people that make this consumerist machine turn. 

With a mission statement of honouring the Fair Trade arrangement with their workers farming their ingredients, the team have also committed a further 20% of their proceeds to global communities in an effort to end poverty.

Fairtade is about securing stable prices and decent working conditions for workers around the world. By using Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible, we ensure the continued support of these workers and their communities.

For under $20 AUD for a satchel, these guys have priced their product with ninja accuracy...not to mention the discount they are offer our readers (coupon below).


So in summary the guys and gals at Impala have strong ethics to backup a very killer product. So do your skin and conscience a favour and grab a pack of this granulated our discount makes it even more affordable!



COUPON = TREAT (25% off)

To find out more about Fairtrade, visit Fairtrade