Ok, so I get it. There is not a day that goes by that I don't see some beautiful Instagram model using charcoal toothpaste in my feed. It gets a little nauseating tbh...but in reality this stuff actually works, and we think we found the best of them all...Kohle.

Kohle, seeing a lack of quality and cruelty free skin-care/teeth whitening in the market, sought out by combining 2 ancient ingredients...Coconut and Charcoal. Like they were meant to be together, this combo ranks with the greats...jeans and thongs, PB&J...Tom and Jerry and now Charcoal and Coconut.



With products underpinned by sleek monochromatic and minimalistic design, the team at Kohle have some very quality gear:

Teeth Whitening

Face Scrubs


KOHLE uses, food grade certified charcoal powder in their range, the powder is made from coconut husks from India, all to make sure they can give you a very high quality end product. 

The activated charcoal within KOHLE's oral care products helps balance your mouth’s pH levels and detoxify your mouth, preventing bad breath. It can also strengthen tooth enamel, as well as safely and gently whitening and polishing your teeth; all without the use of any chemicals or additives!  

When used externally on the skin, activated charcoal has a significant drawing effect, pulling impurities to the surface, cleansing, revitalising skin cells cleansing and detoxifying. Working to restore and enhance your glow.